Nice to meet you

I am a sophomore at Cornell Engineering, preparing for a major in computer science with minors in electrical engineering and cognitive science. Since getting to school I have become involved in Cornell's Unmanned Air Systems team, freshman orientation programs, and greek life. If I am not at my desk, you can find me at the gym or listening to classic rock. I use tabs, not spaces.

Recent Projects

Swift | Objective C | Node.js

iOS Development Intern:

Summer 2016

Summer '16 was spent working on SALT! The nyc-based startup invited me to work as a front and back end developer on their new iOS app. Projects from the the 10 week internship include creating the "add friends" feature, which allows users to search for friends by username or from their contacts.

Altium | C | Python | Unix | Arduino

Electrical Team:
Cornell Unmanned Air Systems


On the CUAir Electrical Team, I aid the development of an autonomous plane to represent my school in the Unmanned Air Systems competition. My team's responsibilities include on-system computing, radio communications, and power distribution. My main responsibilities have been developing our air \drop system, implementing a simulated remote information center, and choosing our on-board computer.

HTML | CSS | Javascript | PHP | SQL | Laravel | Wordpress

Web Development Intern:

Summer 2015

My freshman year summer, some really kind folks over at Nickelfish invited me into their web development team. My portfolio from the internship includes sites for Coldwell Banker and Prudential. While I started with simple contributions and bug fixes, I was eventually given leading roles in my projects.

Java | Android SDK | XML

Android App Developer:
Bouncy Bot

2014 - 2015

This simple and addictive game was my first published android app. After spending the majority of high school focused on Java, I was eager to practice some of the languages applications. Developing the app gave me a better understanding of my primary language, which was helpful when learning Java frameworks such as JavaFX. Working on the game also made me comfortable programming for mobile platforms.

Photoshop | Illustrator | InDesign | Dixon Ticonderoga

Graphic Designer:
All Lacrosse


Since the end of my senior year I have worked from home/school as graphic designer. I mainly design and produce logos and artwork for professional, athletic, and college organizations. Having the opportunity to regularly flex a creative muscle helps me keep my engineering projects fresh and unique.

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